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Martial arts adventure about a tough FBI cop (Cynthia Rothrock) high-kicking her way to the final showdown with a Chinese Mafia boss.

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original title: Miao tan shuang long

genge: Action,Comedy,Thriller

imdb: 6.2

duration: 1h 40min

keywords: martialarts, mafia, policeshootout, fbiagent, independentfilm













































Martial arts adventure about a tough FBI cop (Cynthia Rothrock) high-kicking her way to the final showdown with a Chinese Mafia boss. I didn't have high expectations about this movie but i was really surprised. This film impressed me with its fight scenes, some good jokes(most of them were lame)and with the cast involved: Cynthia Rothrock, Michiko Nishiwaki & Mark Houghton. The final fight between Cynthia and Michiko didn't disappoint but i wanted to be a lil' bit longer. Ms.Rothrock had the same role that she had in films like: Yes Madam&Righting Wrongs. She plays convincingly her role and not like she was playing in one of her US movies. I like a lot her Chinese movies, are so much better than her US movies. Even Prince of the Sun (the last movie she had done in China) was better than China O'Brien for example. All in all this movie remains until this day a classic, believe or not, and Cynthia Rothrock's fans should not miss this one. I am a huge fan of late 80s/early 90s HK martial arts movies; some of the greatest fight flicks of all time came from this period. Unfortunately, City Cops is not one of them.

With its overly simplistic plot (an FBI agent seeks a runaway informant, who is also being hunted by nasty gangsters) and some dreadful attempts at humour (check out the truly unfunny 'sex-pest' and 'AIDS' scenes), the movie drags terribly until the final fight scene, which is admittedly great, but a very long time in coming.

Cynthia Rothrock (once again playing a character named Cindy) isn't given enough opportunity to show off her amazing martial arts skills, with too much of the film's running time spent on the lame comedy rather than delivering impressive fight scenes. Likewise, the physically impressive Michiko Nishiwaki is also underused, only getting to shine briefly towards the end, when she gets to go one-on-one with Ms. Rothrock.

The finale also features some frenetic gun-play, during which many white-overall-ed henchmen get sprayed with bullets (blood squibs look so much more impressive against white, don't you think?).

Still preferable to most of Cynthia Rothrock's US output, but nowhere near as good as the classic Police Assassins, City Cops is average at best.


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